Facial Cleansing Brushes 101

If you are into skincare at all you've heard of the Clarisonic, the most well known of all the facial cleansing brushes. Well thanks to the awesome-ness of technology there are much better cleansing brushes on the market these days! I used a Clarisonic for about a year or so and I started to get grossed out by the bristles and then when I would replace the brush heads I would be basically gagging when I saw how much grit and grime was under there. I also notice over time more breakouts (probably when the brush heads needed to be changed)...needless to say I do not use it anymore.

It turns out that the problem with the Clarisonic nylon brush heads is that the bristles stay damp for at least eight to ten hours which make it a breeding ground for bacteria and is one of the main reasons why people that use it have bad breakouts! So if you struggle with breakouts, like yours truly, the Clarisonic is probably not the best for you.

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These days I'm into the silicone facial cleansing brushes. MAJOR PERK: no changing of brush heads!

(no additional supply costs + no gross bacteria filled brush heads)


Silicone is non porous, it doesn't have tiny holes in it, nothing can get inside of it, no water can't get in it so bacteria and fungus cannot grow. It literally resists bacteria NATURALLY,  so you can imagine how incredible it is for sanitary reasons and is 35x more hygienic than a nylon-bristle brush.

I've been using the Qyksonic ZOE for almost a year now and I like that it can be used not only for washing my face but also can be using with product application. Another major perk is that the life of the ZOE is THREE YEARS before it has to be replaced! 

So what is the ZOE? It's a 3-in-1 anti-aging Sonic Beauty Device that Cleanses, Massages AND Applies skincare products to your face and body! Integrating 15 differing sonic pulsation settings, the waterproof ZOE distributes lower-frequency pulsations directly onto wrinkle-prone areas, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin looking smoother, younger, and glowing. ZOE’s antimicrobial silicone head makes it more hygienic than many of the expensive nylon bristle brushes on the market. ZOE deeply cleanses the skin, unclogging pores of 99.5% of skin impurities and removing away dead skin cells. ZOE’s secondary press-and-roll micro-needling massaging feature allows all of your skincare products to be absorbed in a gentler, deeper, and cleaner manner.


Good new is... I have a 10% off promo code (JORDANHARPER) for the ZOE, if anyone is on the market to upgrade their facial cleansing brush! It doesn’t expires so do your research and see if you think it would be a good addition into your skincare routine!


How is ZOE different from Foreo?

Our devices have a few specific things that are different. Our silicone is a higher medical grade silicone, our device is not as bulk and has a patented petal shape tip to get into all the hard to reach places and our charger is a regular USB charger. One hour charge allows you to use our device for up to 300 uses. So if you lose your charger it can easily be replaced with a regular USB cord without having to buy an expensive replacement. Our device has more touch points covering the brush and better exfoliating bristles on the back. We personally think our bristles  provide a deeper clean due to their patented texture. Another reason why our product is better than the Foreo, is that our skin changes depending on the season. As seasons change, you would need to purchase a Foreo brush that would accommodate your skin depending on the season. Making you invest more than once.  Our tool is a ONE TIME investment that accommodates ALL skin types. And you get all that without the high cost of Foreo, because we want to make good skincare affordable… not just with this product but all the products we have coming out.


Why is using the ZOE better than using your hands?

Using your hands first and foremost is not hygenic. Our Silicone RESISTS bacteria, it can't live on it! Using your hands you naturally pull and tug on your skin and is not a gentle way to cleanse your skin. You end up breaking down your collagen over time and which is something you can never repair. You also can never get the deepest clean using your hands. When you apply your skincare products they only lay on the first layer of your skin and never get deep enough to then many layers of your skin to actually penetrate and hydrate the skin. With ZOE’s Transdermal Sonic Pulsations it sends transdermal vibrations into your skin so it can move through the surface of your skin. It vibrates your pores and it dislodges any dirt, makeup or oils and the water wipes it away, giving you only the deepest clean but allows your skin to fully absorb the products immensely more than your hands.