Why I shave my face?

DIY Dermaplaning AKA shaving my faCE

Dermaplaning is the 'fancy' name for it. Once a week-ish I shave my entire face + it is amazing. So why should you?

⌲ exfoliation for the face
⌲ increases skincare product absorption
⌲ removal of peach fuzz
⌲ allows make up to go on smoother
⌲ reduce appearance of fine lines/wrinkles
⌲ gives dewy, glowing skin

Best time to shave/dermaplane? I like to at night so I'm not putting on makeup right after. I wash my face and make sure my skin is completely dry. I pull my skin taut, which makes it easier. I shave in an upward motion but shaving downward is ok too! If you’re new to at home dermaplaning try both ways and see which way you like better! After shaving, I apply serums or a peel. The hair will NOT grow back thicker or darker! This is a great + safe way for pregnant women to exfoliate and fight hormonal acne. If you have active acne I do not recommend shaving over it as it can spread bacteria and cause more breakouts.

I use a razor 2-3 times before throwing it out. If acne prone either use a new razor every time or clean the blade really well (ex: soak in rubbing alcohol).

If you're scared to shave your own face you can have an esthetician do it for you. Average price around Charleston ~$100. Definitely much cheaper to DIY. Make sure you're using a special razor and not the kind you shave your legs with. I use Tinkle Facial Razors, they are super easy to use and super affordable. Ok now go shave your face, you will love me forever.

Some tips I have found to be helpful to prevent post dermaplaning breakouts:

— Only dermaplane/shave your face at night on clean freshly washed skin (full dermaplaning video here)

— I also tone before and after dermaplaning just to make sure my skin is clean (my entire skincare regimen is posted here)

— Shave at least 30 min before you go to sleep so that way you are not laying on your pillow right after

— Don't put makeup or sunless tanner right after you shave

— Use a retinoid or glycolic acid based product post shaving, it will most likely sting slightly with application maybe for a few seconds or so, which is totally fine

— I sleep with my hair pulled back and use a clean pillowcase that night

— While shaving don't go over an area more than 2 (max 3 times) that can cause skin irritation)

Some of my favorite products to apply after that work for most acne prone skin types:

PowerGlow Peels

Alpha Beta Peels

If you do all those things and still feel like you are breaking out I would have a skincare specialist look at your skin because you might not be a good candidate or have too sensitive of skin. Hope that helps!