3 Must Have Products for Everyone


The holy trinity, the three muskateers, the three amigos...All 3 of these products are a must in your skincare routine. They are worth spending the money on because they actually work and not just because I say so but because years and years of research prove it. Skimp on other products but not these. Ok here we go:

1. Vitamin C Serum

Just trust me. It's an absolute staple in your skincare regimen from now until the end of time. Here are some of its stellar benefits for your skin:

- Promotes collagen production thus reducing appearance of fine lines/wrinkles

- Prevents/heals skin discoloration

- Protects skin from free radical damage and makes sunscreen more effective.

- Improves skin texture and brightens the skin.

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Daily sunscreen is crucial to prevent premature aging and UV damage.

There is actually a new sunscreen study that found using daily sunscreen (not just when you think you're in the sun but wearing it 365 days/year)  can reverse common signs of photoaging like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. 

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The GOlD STANDARD in antiaging (and fighting acne). In a nutshell: It speeds up your cellular turnover, which gives you smoother, younger looking skin.

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