How I landed my dream job in aesthetics!


One of the MOST common questions I receive from people is how I got into the aesthetics industry.

It is definitely an industry that you have to be very persistent and sometimes a little pushy to get in the door, but it is well worth all the hard work.

Here’s a little bit about my journey. Hopefully, it helps give you some tips/tricks to enter into the awesome world of aesthetics: 

It all started back in high school when I went to a local medical spa in my hometown for laser hair removal. I remember going in for my consultation and seeing all the skincare products in the lobby, looking over the menu of services and I thought then and there: this is my kind of place. During my hair removal sessions I would quiz the nurse practitioner about her career path and basically just asked her: “how can I be you?”. What my 18 year old self gathered was that I needed to be a nurse practitioner. So I went to Auburn University (WAR EAGLE baby!) and got my BSN (nursing degree). I knew while attending nursing school that I would be applying to a nurse practitioner program a few years down the road to make my dream a reality.

 After nursing school I worked in the ICU for 2 years before applying to NP school. While in NP school, I started taking injectable courses (on my own, not through school). I also started shadowing medical professionals in the aesthetics field (nurses, PA’s, NP’s, Dermatologists) to gain some insight into the industry. Once I had completed basic injectable courses (that I paid for on my own) I reached out to other local injectors to see if they would be interested in training me further to get more hands-on experience (and by interested I mean would offer to pay them to train me).


From there I began reaching out to any practice in my area that I offered injectables or any that I thought might want to offer injectables. I would make cold calls and stop by offices with my resume, yep old school style. I ended up getting offered a 1 day a week opportunity at a medical spa. I was so excited, even though I was making way less than I knew I could, it was a foot in the door. After working there for close to a year ( I had another job as well because obviously one day a week won’t pay the bills), I was offered another injectable opportunity at a local concierge medical practice. During the time I was at the medical spa I was always keeping my head on a swivel looking for more opportunities- so when I say offered a position it was because I was constantly reaching out to people, not because someone just randomly found me.

 After I had been injecting for close to 3 years I was introduced to a local plastic surgeon through mutual friends. He happened to be looking to add a nurse practitioner to his practice a few days a week. At this point I knew I was offering a valuable service and was confident in my skillset. After a full year of working part-time (I kept my other injectable part-time gigs during this time) and growing my injectable/skincare patients in the practice, I was brought on full-time. So that is my story.

The main thing I hope you take away from it is that if you really want to have a career in aesthetics, you can but you need to work your tush off and really put yourself out there. There is an initial investment, both financially and time, but it pays off tenfold in the end. I get to wake up and do what I enjoy doing every day. Oh and I still go injectable trainings multiple times a year and still pay out of my pocket for a lot of those trainings but it all pays off because I am continually learning new ways to better serve my patients.


Top 5 Tips to land a job in aesthetics:

  1. Go to as many injectable training courses as possible (once you are trained- practice, practice, practice what you’ve learned)

  2. Use your resources (local medical sales reps are a great resource) and network like crazy

  3. Be willing to accept part-time opportunities at first

  4. Reach out to local practices to see if they have a need (they will not want to train you, the majority of the time- that falls on you)

  5. Be persistent. It might not be your dream job at first, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.     


Some reputable injection courses: