Skincare During Pregnancy

Who knew how restrictive pregnancy could be this day and age?! It seems like if we followed all the recommendations we would be eating kale and nuts and cleansing our bodies with shea butter. There are so many pregnancy don'ts especially when it comes to skincare so I've tried to make it a little simpler. This is not created to replace medical advice by your OB/GYN but a helpful tool when deciding what skincare products are right for you during this time of pregnancy/nursing. So here we Go:

jordan harper aesthetics skincare during pregnancy

pregnancy induced acne

PREGNANCY INDUCED ACNE is a common complaint especially during the first trimester due to changing estrogen levels, even if you have never struggled with acne in the past.

Ingredients that can help with pregnancy induced acne:

  • Salicylic acid (<2%)

  • Glycolic acid (usually less than 10% is advised)

  • Lactic Acid

  • Azelaic Acid

Examples of products:


You wouldn't want to use all of these ingredients at one time. I would just pick one product. This is just to give you an idea of different products that are available. My personal preference are the PowerGlow Peels or the Ultra Gentle Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel. I have tried the extra strength ones as well, but they majorly dried out my skin.

* Another treatment option would be to have your dermatologist or OB write you a prescription for an antibiotic (usually erythromycin) to help with inflammatory acne- that's not my personal preference as I tried to avoid unnecessary antibiotic exposure, but definitely an option.

Wrinkle Prevention

Using products that increase cellular turnover will help fight premature aging as well as fine lines/Wrinkles. Unfortunately Retinoids are a no-no during pregnancy but Bakuchiol is a great alternative during this time. Here are two great product options depending on if you prefer an oil or a cream:


the dreaded mask of pregnancy that can be very challenging to get rid of. THe best thing to do is prevent prevent prevent. So that means religiously using a vitamin c serum & daily physical SPF ALso, Wearing hats, reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours, avoiding excessive heat and soy.

MELASMA prevention tools:

  • Physical sunscreens

  • Powder sunscreen for reapplication

  • Daily Antioxidant

Examples of products:


*TIP: use a physical sunscreen and NOT a chemical sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the energy of UV rays and converting it to heat that is dispersed in the skin. (Heat is one of the triggers for melasma). 

*Avoid soy products

dry skin

another common complaint due to hormone shifts and fluid shifts that goes from you to baby that cause the skin to lose moisture and elasticity.

How to combat DRY skin:

  • Hyaluronic Acid

  • Hydrating moisturizer

  • Essential Lipids

Examples of products:

Strech mark prevention + Treatment

The reality is some people are more prone to stretch marks than others. Either way why not do all the things to prevent! For all things pregnancy/post partum that I recommend check out my Amazon store!

Here are the two products I used since the start of the second trimester:

Here are two great treatment options if you develop stretch marks:


Example Daily Skincare Routine While Pregnant


1. Cleanse:

2. TONE:

3. ACNE/exfoliating treatment:

4. Hyaluronic acid serum/moisturizer




1. Cleanse:

2. TONE:

*Personally, I don't use face wash in the morning, only at night. In the AM I use toner and then continue my routine

3. Vitamin C Serum:

4. *Hyaluronic acid serum/moisturizer

  • Optional if you are feeling dry

5. Sunscreen 




  • Unfortunately, no retinoids or injectables are recommended during pregnancy/nursing

  • Generally, the only two office treatments I recommend to my patients while pregnant/nursing are Microinfusions with PRP or Microneedling with PRP, we use a numbing cream that is safe during pregnancy.


  • Whenever I add a new product to my routine I do one product at a time for at least a week to make sure that product doesn't irritate my skin, ESPECIALLY if you are adding in a product to address acne since they can be very drying.

  • For the at home treatments, just do one treatment at a time to not overwhelm the skin

  • If you do nothing else during your pregnancy, at minimum you should use a daily vitamin c serum and sunscreen to protect your skin

  • Your skin likes consistency: so as much as you can stick with a routine!

  • Drink lots of water!