Who should consider cosmetic injectables?

Injectables were once considered for the 40 + patient. However, more and more people in there 20's & 30's are getting Botox and fillers for prevention. Years and years of dynamic movement (i.e. lifting your forehead, squinting your eyes, smiling) causes wrinkles to those areas of movement. 

Getting regular Botox beginning in your mid 20's or early 30's and preventing some of that movement (not all because that would just look scary) you will prevent deeper wrinkles from setting in. Fillers are great for the patient 40+ who is experiencing natural volume loss that comes with aging. However, it is also a great option for the 20-30 something patient who would like more contour of the cheek bones, correction of hollowing/dark circles under the eyes, lip augmentation.

Kybella, which permanently destroys fat under the chin (double chin) is also a great injectable option for improving contour of the jawline. Injectables have a bad rap because some people can over do them. BUT done well and with the right patient expectation injectables should not be noticeable at all. Post injectable treatment - once swelling and potential bruising has subsided- you should look like a refreshed version of yourself.

Make sure you find a provider who is well trained and who is on the same page about your end result.